Massimo (retired Tilean mercenary)

Eena Tumblebright (halfling, miner)

Norbert "Nobby" Burrows (halfling, looks after the inn for Gill)

"Old" Gill Brandyhill (halfling, village elder, proprietor of the inn)

Odo Stubbs - Ludo's father (mine owner)

Petra Stubbs - Ludo's younger sister (mine administrator)

Theda Bramcot (halfling) Lisbet (halfling) Ronald (halfling, mine overseer)


Marek (Innkeeper at Il Calice D'Oro)

Shandor (peasant)

Mihai (smith)

Iosif (tanner)

Paulo & Marko (apprentices to Doctor Bianco)

Chiara (seamstress)

Kaja (peasant boy) and his mother Mirjana.

Natasa (goatherd) Talbert Tallfellow (court representative for Sermena's halflings)

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